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Ugandan Citizenship

Who is a citizen of Uganda?

(a) Every person born in Uganda, one of whose parents or grandparents is or was a member of any of the indigenous communities existing and residing within the borders of Uganda as at the first day of February, 1926 and set out in the third schedule of the constitution. (article 10a of the constitution)

(b) Every person born in or outside Uganda one of whose parents or grandparents was at the time of birth of that person, a citizen of
Uganda by birth.

(c) A child of not more than five years of age found in Uganda whose parents are not known is presumed to be Ugandan

(d) A child under the age of eighteen years neither of whose parents is a citizen of Uganda, who is adopted by a citizen of Uganda upon
registration shall be a citizen of Uganda

(e) A person who successfully applies for and is registered as a citizen of Uganda



A person who is registered as a citizen of Uganda shall be issued with a serialized certificate of registration. Upon registration as a citizen of Uganda, one acquires all rights, duties and responsibilities that accrue to a Ugandan citizen such as the right to hold a Uganda Passport, the right to vote, the duty to pay taxes, duty to report crime, the duty to defend the Constitution of Uganda.


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