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Civil Registration

Civil registration is the official recording of one’s particulars in the official form provided by the law and recognized both nationally and internationally. Birth, death, adoption and marriage are part of a broad civil registration system also referred to as the registration of civil events. 

The Civil registration section of the Uganda Registration Services Bureau is mandated under the laws mentioned below to ensure that all the materials related to the above are delivered to all the gazzeted registration centers, hospitals and ensure that the reports and returns are submitted back to the section quarterly. 

The section has so far developed guidelines on procedures for registration and now is in the process of piloting mobile registration. It is therefore our mandate to ensure that all birth, death, adoption and marriages occurring in Uganda are registered. Despite several challenges, the section has done its best to serve the public with due diligence.

The objectives and functions of the Civil Directorate include provision of births, deaths, marriages and adoption registration services, collection and accounting for all revenue generated from the provision of these services.



Contracting a civil marriage

Marriage registration

Obtaining a single status letter

Obtaining a birth certificate

Registering an adoption

Obtaining a death certificate

Licensing a place of worship

Submission of marriage returns

Mobile VRS Project


Revised marriage fees

Civil registration information management system (CRIMS)