Additional information on mediation

(a) For every civil matter to be handled in any court, it will first have to go through mediation.

(b) Case summaries should be filed by parties and the case summary includes: names of the parties, address of the parties including a postal address telephone number and email address; facts of the case; name of the advocate if any; person with full authority to sign the settlement; name of the party who will be the lead negotiator for the party; name of the proposed mediator; and documents that the parties intend to rely on during the mediation.

(c) Mediations should be heard within 60 days. If the mediation is to be extended, the extension should not exceed 10 days.

(d) Mediators may include a Judge, Registrar, Magistrate, a person accredited as a mediator by the Court; a person certified as a mediator by CADER; or a person with relevant qualifications and experience in mediation and chosen by the parties.