The mediation process

The process of mediation is very simple

Disputing parties come to the mediation table with any representatives that they may have.

After some introductory statements are made by the mediator, each party is given an opportunity to briefly explain their perspective of the situation. After which, the mediator starts asking questions.

At this point, as more information comes out, the mediator may start suggesting options in order to resolve the matter or, the mediator can continue asking more in-depth questions about the situation.

Sometimes, when the mediator feels that it is necessary, the mediator may meet with the parties individually in a private meeting. This private meeting is called a caucus. During the caucus, the mediator may ask more questions or help the parties understand the situation better or in a way that is appropriate with all parties at the table.

After that, the parties then suggest resolutions or the mediator may suggest resolutions. At the conclusion, the goal is to have the parties come to a mutually acceptable outcome, whether a resolution or settlement agreement or an agreement to meet again and continue the mediation.