September 28, 2023

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Secretariat (2)

The JLOS Secretariat is the axis around which the Access to Justice (A2J) sub-Programme (JLOS) / Governance and Security Programme (GSP) results rotate.  The current A2J/GSP Secretariat is also designated as the Governance and Security Programme Secretariat undertaking coordination of the programme. The secretariat roles include, but not be limited to the following.

    1. Programme Implementation Action Plan (PIAP) implementation with Programme and institutional targets; and timelines for delivery
    2. Develop for approval of the Programme technical working group an annual Activity Calendar (including a planning and budgeting calendar) 
    3. Coordinate and resource the programme technical working group in the development of performance standards for institutions participating in the Program including planning; implementation; monitoring; reporting; quality assurance and participation in processes.
    4. Support the process of annual target setting; integration of targets into Program -institutional participation MoUs and assure the quality and sufficiency of the targets to attain and progress the programme results.
    5. Support the programme technical working group and advise on relevance, sufficiency and value for money of proposed activities in the annual Program Plans and the ability of cumulative annual work-plans to deliver the PIAP results.
    6. Support, supervise and assure the implementation of annual plans, budgeting and integration of institutional plans into Program plans.
    7. Support the programme technical working group to supervise and monitor the performance of institutions towards set targets.
    8. Link the reform process on the ground (including the foot soldiers and the demand side); and within institutions with the Program leadership structures.
    9. Support the Programme Technical working group to access other Program innovations elsewhere to through research and innovations.
    10. Facilitate communication, coordination and cooperation within Program institutions and between Program institutions and other stakeholders.
    11. Engage in change management advocacy within the Program institutions.
    12. Provide technical buck stopping to institutions as necessary to attain Program results.
    13. Independent verification of institutional performance in compliance with the Program rewards and sanctions mechanisms.

Senior Technical Advisor/Team Leader drives and coordinates the implementation of the Access to Justice Strategic Development Plan (SDP) / Governance and Security PIAP and is also in charge of results quality assurance. He is responsible for the JLOS day to day operations. The STA provides strategic thinking to the Programme; provides technical guidance in policy, long range and medium-term planning to the Programme. The STA resources and facilitates the operations of the Leadership/Steering Committee, drives the integration of the cross-cutting issues of gender, conflict, poverty and environment; profiling for and ensuring effective responses for vulnerable groups. He is supported by technical advisors and administrative staff.




Ms. Rachel Odoi-Musoke | View Profile

Senior Technical Advisor


Mr. Sam Wairagala

Deputy Senior Technical Advisor/Advisor, Monitoring and Evaluation


Mr. Musa Modoi

Advisor, Human Rights and Accountability


Ms. Lucy Ladira

Advisor, Access to Justice (Criminal)


Ms. Margaret Ajok

Advisor, Transitional Justice (National)


Mr. Tony Odoch Lagamber

Financial Management Specialist


Ms. Maria B. Lutaaya

Projects Accountant


Ms. Barbara Kitui

Resource Person (Family Justice)


Ms. Grace Chelimo

Resource Person (Land Justice)


Mr. Francis Luswata

Systems Analyst


Mr. Edgar Kuhimbisa

Advisor, E-Governance


Ms. Betty Tukutendereza



Ms. Joyce Mukhwana

Administrative Assistant

Rachel Odoi-Musoke is the Senior Technical Advisor to the Governance and Security Programme (formerly Justice Law and Order Sector), where she heads a multi-professional team of advisors working towards improving access to justice and rule of law through institutional development, innovations and reforms.

Ms. Odoi-Musoke is an Advocate of the Courts of Judicature of Uganda of 24 years standing. She holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from Makerere University, a Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law Development Centre and a Master of Laws from the University of the Witwatersrand and additional qualifications in Programme Management and Strategic Planning.

Ms. Odoi-Musoke has vast experience in human rights and advocacy, legal and policy reforms and justice sector reforms having managed reform programmes and worked in the areas of law reform and human rights protection and enforcement. She began her career in legal aid at the legal aid clinic of the Association of Women Lawyers (FIDA) before moving into private practice and later in the field of environmental law. She also worked in the public sector with the South African Human Rights Commission, Uganda Human Rights Commission and Uganda Law Reform Commission, before joining the secretariat of the Justice Law and Order Sector.

She is passionate about the promotion of human rights with particular focus on women, children and the environment. She is also passionate about the arts and sports and continues to serve on various different committees to promote sports and environmental protection in Uganda.