September 28, 2023

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JLOS Bulletin: Special Edition on SGBV

JLOS Bulletin: Special Edition on SGBV (June 2023) JLOS Bulletin: Special Edition on SGBV (June 2023)

Editor's Note

Shinning the spotlight on the fight against SGBV

There is no doubt Sexual Gender-based Violence (SGBV) is a global public health and social-economic emergency with victims being predominantly women and girls. The numbers do not lie. The global economic cost of SGBV has been quantified by the UN Women - estimated at an astounding $1.5T (pre COVID numbers). Uganda spends approximately UGX 50.5B annually on dealing with the effects of gender-based violence (per research by CEDOVIP – a local CSO).

As a result, SGBV has emerged as a critical focus area for the Access to Justice Sub-programme (JLOS) with multiple interventions designed to bring justice to victims and offenders through the JLOS chain-linked model.

This edition of the JLOS Bulletin takes a deep dive into the game changing SGBV special sessions funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) since 2018 and implemented in 25 High Courts and 18 Chief Magistrates Courts throughout the country. These special sessions are responsible for the significant case backlog reduction and turn-around in the finalization of SGBV cases driven by improved investigation, prosecution, and adjudication.

The case for digital transformation of crime management business processes is therefore formidable and needs to be embraced across the entire chain of justice.

Investments in forensic science in the Uganda Police Force have infused technology in management of SGBV cases through improved data analysis to inform SGBV response and prevention efforts, as well as streamlined case management and collaboration between all players. The case for digital transformation of crime management business processes is therefore formidable and needs to be embraced across the entire chain of justice.

In this SGBV special edition, we speak with Justice Susan Okalany who takes us on a remarkable 20-year journey of being at the frontlines of the fight against SGBV: first as a prosecutor and now a judge of the High Court of Uganda. Justice Okalany’s direct, insightful, and unique take on this sensitive subject is both rich and refreshing.

SGBV has many cross-cutting elements and dependencies. This edition explores all the dynamics involved: prosecution of SGBV crimes; human trafficking aspects; the probation mandate and child protection; alternative models (socio-legal approaches) for reducing and preventing SGBV; the nexus between land rights, conflicts and SGBV; and the role played by the media in ending SGBV. And so much more!

We hope you enjoy reading. Send us feedback and let us know what you think. 





Rachel Odoi-Musoke

Lucy Ladira

Barbara Kitui

Edgar Kuhimbisa



Justice Susan Okalany

Lucy Ladira

Andrew K. Mubiru

Jacqueline Okui

John V. Sserwaniko

Barbara Kitui

Grace Chelimo

Brenda Kyomugisha

Rose Aaca

Sarah Kekimuri

Moses Sserwanga

Monica Kyamazima

Edgar Kuhimbisa



Governance and Security Programme Secretariat

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

Baumann House, Parliament Avenue

P.O BOX 7183, Kampala

Phone: 0414253207

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Last modified on Sunday, 17 September 2023 11:00