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JLOS holds high Level breakfast meeting on Anti-corruption


The Justice Law and Sector held a high level breakfast meeting on the 4th December 2014 at Hotel Africana to discuss key issues in the fight against corruption in Uganda, but with specific focus to the Justice Law and Order Sector(JLOS). The meeting was organized in conjunction with partners from the Accountability Sector as part of the buildup events towards the commemoration of the International Anti-Corruption Day 2014.

The theme of the meeting was; Fghting corruption in JLOS: A collective effort to promote integrity and enhance access to JLOS services for all. The theme underpins two critical results of the fight against corruption; 1) the need to ensure integrity in service delivery, and 2) the realization of increased access to JLOS services for all especially the marginalized people. These are in tandem with the JLOS Sector Investment Plan III (JLOS SIP III) undertakings of promoting human rights and accountability in Uganda.   

The meeting was convened for selected heads of institutions and some technical staff who have a key responsibility to fight corruption in their institutions and the country at large. The participants included; Hon. Justices of Courts of Judicature, heads of Government institutions, heads of Civil Society Organizations and members of the JLOS Secretariat.


By Musa Modoi | Published: December 5, 2014



Report of the JLOS Anti-Corruption High level Breakfast Meeting (2014)