September 28, 2023

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National Policy on Legal Aid

National Policy on Legal Aid National Policy on Legal Aid

Enhancing access to justice for all persons is a key objective of the justice law and order sector. This includes enhanced physical access to Justice Law and Order Sector services and improved efficiency in services delivery. Access to justice however also entails special measures to ensure improved access to services by the most vulnerable members of the society.

Legal aid, including legal assistance is a cornerstone of the justice system and contributes to equitable access to justice by the whole community. Currently legal aid service provision is restricted to mainly legal representation in certain criminal matters by the State and legal aid by non-state actors. The Justice Law and Order Sector is currently developing a comprehensive national policy on legal aid to provide the framework for the provision and regulation of legal aid services in Uganda, in line with Uganda’s national, regional and international obligations.

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Last modified on Thursday, 06 July 2023 13:02