September 28, 2023

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2021 Innovation Justice Forum: REGISTER

2021 Innovating Justice Forum 2021 Innovating Justice Forum

The HiiL Innovating Justice Forum is the place where perspectives on user-The HiiL Innovating Justice Forum is the place where perspectives on user-friendly justice meet the reality: bottom up and institutional; justice entrepreneurs and courts; informal and formal justice; innovation and research.

As systems and institutions struggle to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for justice is rising. People from all over the world seek justice within their own system, but often do not succeed in solving a case. With 1 billion people facing a new and serious conflict each year and only 47 % completely or partially resolved, the need for a user-friendly justice system has never been more clear.

How effective is justice if it doesn’t solve the most pressing justice problems of people? How fair is it if it is not timely? We truly believe basic justice care for everyone is possible by supporting user-friendly justice, that is building on what actually works to solve or prevent justice problems. At the Innovating Justice Forum we bring together innovators, lawyers, judges, investors, ministers, leaders and academia to talk about developing and financing universal justice care. Together we form a people-centred justice movement to work towards the mission to achieve equal access to justice for all by 2030.

We play the justice game in a different way. We create a justice system that is accessible, affordable and people-centred. #people-centred justice.




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Last modified on Thursday, 06 July 2023 13:04