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Guidelines for the JLOS Open Day (December 1, 2010)

On the 1st December 2010, the Sector will host its 2nd Open Day at the Mbale Cricket Grounds as part of its publicity activities. The Open Day will be an opportunity for the JLOS institutions to interact with the general public and showcase the services they provide. This year we also intend to showcase our regional offices and the District Chain Linked Committees (DCCs). In this regard therefore, the Mbale DCC will take the lead in the coordination of the Open Day.

Each institution will be required to operate a stall that displays the work and operations of the institution. The institutions are therefore required to each nominate 5 persons, preferably from the regional office if one exists to operate the stalls. These persons should be familiar with the general mandate and work of the institutions and should be able to articulate these issues as well as respond to queries raised about the work of the institutions. It is expected that members of the public may also wish to raise complaints about issues regarding the operations of the institutions and the staff in the stall should be able to receive and process these issues.

In addition to personnel, each institution should provide materials, publications, forms, products and other displays that can better inform the public of the work that they do, with the intention of making the services more accessible and brining them closer to the people. These displays could include forms used by the public in relation to the institution, publications by the institution, items produced by the institutions, Uniforms and other specialised clothing used by the institution in its contact with the public and any equipment that can be displayed at the showground.

The organisers are making every effort to ensure that electricity outlets will be available at the showground in the event that any institution wishes to set up any electrical or electronic displays. Each institution will be provided with a tent (individual or shared depending on the size of the institution), tables and chairs. Any additional materials should be provided by the institution itself.

For any other clarifications please contact the Sector Secretariat on 0414-253207.

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