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Grade I Magistrate to Preside over Children & Family Courts

As part of the promise from the Justice, Law and Order Sector to enhance access to justice for vulnerable groups, the Chief Justice the Hon. Benjamin Odoki has granted jurisdiction to all Grade I Magistrates in the country to preside over Family and Children’s Courts.

This is to address the issue of jurisdiction to handle matters concerning children in alignment with the phasing out of Grade II Magistrates under the professionalization of the bench policy.

Grade I Magistrates will concurrently with Grade II Magistrates preside over matters in the Family and Children’s Courts as provided by the Children’s Statute, Cap 59, Laws of Uganda. This is laid down in Legal Notice no. 2 of 2012. Appeals from the Grade I courts will lie to the Chief magistrate.
It is expected that this move will enhance access to justice for children and quickly dispose of matters handled by the Grade II Magistrate courts, ensuring faster disposal of matters hence reducing backlog and delay in delivering of justice.