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J4C Releases First Issue of the DCC News


Justice for Children (J4C) Program is an initiative of the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) funded by UNICEF and implemented by the Centre for Justice Studies and Innovations (CJSI). The Program, which has just launched its second year, is aimed at strengthening the overall sector’s capacity to respond to the needs of children in the justice system. J4C has adopted a new approach to child justice by advocating for justice for all children, not only children in conflict with the law.

DCC and Justice for Children News Bulletin (October 2012) is a monthly update on the ongoing work in the sixteen District Chain-linked Committees involved in the Justice, Law and Order Sector’s Justice for Children (J4C) Programme, implemented by the Centre for Justice Studies and Innovations (CJSI) and funded by UNICEF. DCC News contains information on the regular and noteworthy practices of these 16 DCC’s, as well as information on key cases relating to children in each district, input from key actors and other information relevant for the improvement of DCC collaboration across J4C sites.

The first Issue of DCC News will introduce you to the J4C program, the composition of the DCC’s in the pilot sites and the Steering Committee at the national level. Upcoming issues will provide program updates in program implementation, emerging practices, events Updates, Best Practices and information of the kind.

Contributions are welcome from all readers. J4C would love to hear about your positive results, difficult experiences, innovative solutions, best practices, interesting cases, upcoming events or any other information relating to justice for children.

For more information or to submit an article, please contact your local J4C Coordinator or the editor of this newsletter, Camilla Dalla-Favera, at 0793202481 or contact[at]


By Edgar Kuhimbisa | Published: December 10 2012