Excerpts from the Justice for Children 3rd Quarter review meeting

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Sep 2014


KITGUM - His Worship Felix Omara, Chief Magistrate Kitgum in his opening remarks welcomed participants to Kitgum. “If children “copy and paste”, who do they copy from?" he questioned the participants. He suggested, "It’s from us. Let’s learn only one thing- we need to find out workable solutions and stop lamenting. If you say there are lots of children in the prisons, how did they get there? If we don’t handle ourselves well as parents or potential parents, there’s no way the children will be different”

A tour of Kabarole DCC

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Oct 2014

KABAROLE - It started at a light note as members of various committees shared results of outstanding assignments on various judicial matters. Like a bomb slowly daring to explode, the meeting slowly boiled from one controversy to another; but thankfully members appeared more than willing to embrace change. First was a submission by one member on the use of the L.C Court as a best practice for diverting petty offences. It wasn’t long before another official threw in a challenge insisting that L.C Courts are acting illegally having been pronounced outlawed by the Constitutional court and therefore have no mandate to handle any case. The general feeling at the end of the day with guidance from the chairperson was that the illegality of L.C courts notwithstanding, the role of L.C courts in case diversion cannot be overstated.