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WINNERS: 2018 JLOS Recognition Awards

A team from URSB receiving a JLOS Recognition Award from the Chief Justice Hon. Bart M. Katurebe at the 23rd Annual JLOS Review held on October 4 2018 at the Law Development Centre in Kampala (PHOTO: JLOS) A team from URSB receiving a JLOS Recognition Award from the Chief Justice Hon. Bart M. Katurebe at the 23rd Annual JLOS Review held on October 4 2018 at the Law Development Centre in Kampala (PHOTO: JLOS)


1. The JLOS Excellence Award (2018)

Awarded to the LEGAL AID PROJECT OF THE UGANDA LAW SOCIETY for its highly successful legal aid service model that has delivered results in access to justice for the poor and vulnerable. Efforts of the legal aid project have greatly contributed to the Sector’s access to justice initiatives.

Awarded to CPL. NNALONGO ALICE NAKKANDI from the Uganda Police Traffic Department. Cpl. Nakkandi’s boundless energy, dedication and resilience in the execution of her duties – specifically in traffic control and management in Bugolobi is highly appreciated and recognized.


2. The JLOS Customer Service Award (2017)

Awarded to the UGANDA REGISTRATION SERVICES BUREAU in recognition of its award winning and nationally acclaimed customer relationship management program.

URSB’s accomplishments in the area of customer service excellence exemplified by fully functioning call center and vibrant social media platforms which distinguish URSB's commitment to excellent customer service pivotal to Access to Justice. URSB continues to creatively engage with its clientele through people-oriented services that have transformed the Bureau into a key player and benchmark in efficient and effective service delivery.


3. The JLOS Innovation Award (2018)

Awarded to the JLOS PUBLICITY COMMITTEE for its innovative and creative approach to citizen engagement and outreach through the “ROAD TRIP” model. “Road trips” by the JLOS Publicity Committee have created an environment of feedback and engagement between duty bearers and the public across the country. This has contributed to improved service delivery and increased accountability.


4. The JLOS Human Rights Defender Award (2018)

Awarded to PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RIGHTS in recognition of its role in championing observance and promotion of human rights in the country.


5. The JLOS Public Affairs and Media Relations Award (2017)

Awarded to the JUDICIARY that continues to carry out extensive public sensitization campaigns across the country through barazas, radio talkshows and open days on issues of plea-bargaining, Small claims procedures and other access to Justice issues. The Judiciary has during these sensitization campaigns partnered with other JLOS institutions as a demonstration of the sector-wide approach to access to justice.   Efforts of the Judiciary to reach out to the public are yielding fruits in positively changing negative perceptions about the Judiciary and the Sector in the public domain.


6. The JLOS Milestone Achievement Award (2017)

Jointly awarded to the DIRECTORATE OF CITIZENSHIP AND IMMMIGRATION CONTROL and the UGANDA REGISTRATION SERVICES BUREAU in recognition of their record breaking reduction of lead times in delivery of services – specifically in registration of a new business and issuance of passports respectively. 


7. The JLOS Partnership and Collaboration Award (2018)

Awarded to the AFRICAN PRISONS PROJECT in recognition of its contribution to prisoner reform the Uganda Prisons Service and rehabilitation of former prisoners into responsible citizens. The Justice, Law and Order Sector celebrates African Prisons Project’s strong partnership in prisoner reform.


8. The JLOS DCC of the Year Award (2018)

Awarded to KABALE DISTRICT CHAIN-LINK COMMITTEE in recognition of its contribution to effective coordination of sector programs in Kabale district. Kabale DCC has been effective in public engagement efforts through low cost methods such as market outreach session and other engagement forums. This has strengthened implementation of sector activities in Kabale and has contributed to the positive JLOS brand image and public confidence in JLOS Services. 


9. The JLOS Long Service Award (2018)

Awarded to Mr. AMOS NGOLOBE in recognition of his long and steadfast service and contribution to the Justice, Law and Order Sector as Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions and a member of several JLOS management structures. 


10. The JLOS Distinguished Service Award (2018)

Awarded to Hon. Justice Dr. YOROKAMU BAMWINE in recognition of his outstanding and distinguished service to the Justice, Law and Order Sector as Principal judge.

As a long serving member of the JLOS Leadership Committee, Justice Bamwine has been at the forefront of sector reforms over the years specifically in conceptualization and promotion of the award winning plea bargaining program and Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms (ADR).

We celebrate his incredible service and contribution to the Judiciary, to the Justice, Law and Order Sector and to the Government of the Republic of Uganda.


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