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SIP 3 Special Edition Magazine SIP 3 Special Edition Magazine



The Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) was initiated by the Government of Uganda in 1999 to reform Uganda’s justice system by addressing systemic challenges of access to justice, human rights, accountability and the rule of law. The sector is made up of 18 member institutions collectively focusing on a holistic approach to improving access to and administration of justice through the sector wide approach to planning, budgeting, programme implementation, monitoring and evaluation. 

JLOS during the SIP III implementation period (2012 – 2017) embarked on numerous reforms to increase public confidence and trust in the justice system as well as improve satisfaction of users with services offered by JLOS institutions. This was achieved through three core outcome areas of: strengthening policy and legal frameworks for effectiveness and efficiency; enhancing people’s access to JLOS services and driving the country towards deeper observance of human rights while promoting institutional and individual accountability.

Through out the SIP III time frame, the Justice, Law and Order Sector, with measurable success worked on establishing it’s services as core and primary factors of economic growth, employment and prosperity in Uganda.

In line with its pro people justice system mantra, JLOS continues to seek opportunities in the upcoming Fourth Sector Development Plan (SDP IV) to harness the performance of the last 05 years and leverage it into results that will transform the socio-economic fabric of Uganda as we seek middle income status

The SIP III Commemorative Magazine showcases JLOS success stories that span sector performance and achievements over the last five years. It is a celebration of a pro people justice system agenda that has been the main driver of JLOS’ incredible and transformative journey to ensure justice for all.