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Alternative Dispute Resolution: Project Overview



The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Project is a Project of the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) supported by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC). The ADR Project is an opportunity for the Sector to implement the Judicature (Mediation) Rules of 2013 which made mediation mandatory in all civil matters including land, family and main civil law. Through mediation, the Project provides access to justice for vulnerable and marginalised people whose cases take long to be concluded in the formal justice system.

After development of the Judicature (Mediation) Rules in 2013, implementation of ADR is expected to rollout from the Commercial Court of the High Court to other Divisions of the Court, Magistrates Courts, and to other sector dispute resolution bodies within the JLOS including the Judicial Service Commission, Uganda Human Rights Commission, Law Council, Directorate of Civil Litigation, and the Office of the Administrator General.  

The ADR Project activities include: training of personnel in skills required for the effective delivery of ADR services; strengthening of Registries for mediation in the Judiciary; outreach programmes on ADR including radio talk shows and televised shows; piloting of structured ADR services in Magistrates Courts in line with the Civil Procedure Rules; and establishing a Division for mediation in the Judiciary and establishing harmonised structures across JLOS institutions.

The ADR Project is intended to contribute to the implementation of the JLOS 3rd Strategic Investment Plan (SIPIII), particularly with regard to increasing the use of ADR mechanism by 50% as part of the overall strategy to enhance enforcement of laws and promote public participation in the administration of justice.

The governance structures of the ADR Project include the Project Advisory Board (PAB) which is led by the Head, Commercial Division. The PAB provides guidance and oversight to the Project. The other structure is the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) which is led by the Registrar in Charge of Mediation. The PIU is responsible for the daily implementation of the Project.



Handbook on Engendering the Alternative Dispute Resolution Process (PDF)