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About the JLOS Secretariat

Ms. Rachel Odoi-Musoke, the JLOS Senior Technical Advisor and team leader at the JLOS Secretariat Ms. Rachel Odoi-Musoke, the JLOS Senior Technical Advisor and team leader at the JLOS Secretariat


The JLOS Secretariat is the axis around which JLOS results rotate. JLOS Secretariat is being restructured and expanded in line with the JLOS SDP. It will also be oriented into its new roles and empowered to engage in institutional strengthening within the Sector institutions. Its renewed roles include, but are not be limited to the following;

  • Develop for approval of the Technical Committee an annual FY Activity Calendar ( including a planning and budgeting calendar) for internal use for JLOS SDP Implementation with sector and institutional targets; and timelines for delivery;
  • Coordinate and resource the Technical Committee in the development of performance standards for institutions participating in JLOS including planning; implementation; monitoring; reporting; quality assurance and participation in processes;
  • Support the process of annual target setting; integration of targets into JLOS-institutional participation MoUs and assure the quality and sufficiency of the targets to attain and progress the SDP results;
  • Support the Technical committee and advise on relevance, sufficiency and value for money of proposed activities in the annual Sector Plans and the ability of cumulative annual work-plans to deliver the JLOS SDP results
  • Support, supervise and assure the implementation of annual plans, budgeting and integration of institutional plans into JLOS plans;
  • Support the Technical committee to supervise and monitor the performance of institutions towards set targets;
  • Link the reform process on the ground(including the foot soldiers and the demand side); and within institutions with the JLOS leadership structures;
  • Support the Technical Committee to access other JLOS innovations elsewhere to JLOS Uganda through research and innovations;
  • Facilitate communication, coordination and cooperation within JLOS institutions and between JLOS institutions and other stakeholders; Engage in change management advocacy within the JLOS institutions;
  • Provide technical buck stopping to institutions as necessary to attain JLOS results; Independent verification of institutional performance in compliance with
    the Sector rewards and sanctions mechanisms.

To deliver the JLOS SDP results is the total personnel in the 16 institutions of JLOS alongside their partners and stakeholders. The Secretariat will require enhanced systems for human, physical and information resource management to undertake its roles. Staff performance assessments; and overall organizational performance assessments will be enhanced and undertaken annually. Working with IT sections at institutional level the Sector will develop a management information system to provide more effective and timely information for management and decision making as well as enabling the Secretariat to interface more effectively with the management systems of JLOS institutions.

Senior Technical Advisor/Team Leader drives and coordinates the implementation of JLOS SDP and is also in charge of results quality assurance. He is responsible for the JLOS day to day operations. The STA provides strategic thinking to the Sector; provides technical guidance in policy, long range and medium term planning to the Sector. The STA resources and facilitates the operations of the Leadership/Steering Committee, drives the integration of the cross cutting issues of gender, conflict, poverty and environment; profiling for and ensuring effective responses for vulnerable groups. He is supported by the following advisors and such other administrative staff as may be found necessary from time to time:

  • Advisor, Access to Justice - Civil
  • Advisor, Access to Justice - Criminal
  • Advisor, Human Rights and Accountability
  • Advisor Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Advisor - Transitional Justice
  • Advisor- Financial management

The Access to Justice Civil will be supported by two (2) resource persons: One on Family justice including justice for children and another on land justice.

Administrative and support staff as deemed necessary by the Technical Committee support the work of the Secretariat. The entire staff of the Secretariat is paid through JLOS funds. The Technical Committee is responsible for articulation of terms of reference; periodic reviews of performance and recommendation of renewal of contracts to the Solicitor General.


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