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Management Processes

Key management processes include the JLOS Forum, programme management carried out by the Secretariat, meetings of the various committees in the management structure, the coordination and communication between JLOS management structures and the Joint GOU- Development Partner Review.

Programme Management Activities

These include all the activities that have to be undertaken by the Secretariat that is responsible for facilitation of the entire management structure in order to invigorate and sustain the reform process. Based on the TORs of the Secretariat, these activities fall within a wide bracket of management functions including planning, budgeting, monitoring, coordination and liaison, technical backstopping and reporting.

The National JLOS Forum: This will now take the form of an annual event, taking place in December. The Forum will bring together JLOS members and key stakeholders to reflect on JLOS performance for the year ending as well as indicate priorities for the one ahead. The National JLOS Forum will:

Provide a platform to share information with the invited guests & the public, and to raise issues on access to justice pertinent to all stakeholders;

Provide a platform to benchmark national leaders and the Public;

Enable JLOS show case its successes, explain its constraints and reflect its performance as mirrored against stakeholders expectations;

Enable JLOS highlight priorities for the year ahead;

The Joint GOU-Development Partner Review

The joint review will be held annually in September to monitor progress against planned activities. Participants will include JLOS members and invited stakeholders. Preparation for and reporting on the JLOS Forum and the reviews will be coordinated by the sector Secretariat, in the context of twice-yearly technical meetings with the Technical Committee including institutional PPUs and the JLOS Development Partners Group.

JLOS Regional/District Reviews

These will be held annually in selected regions/districts of the country to enhance planning, implementation and monitoring of the SIP III and obtain feedback for the national reviews. The Technical Committee with support of the Secretariat will liaise with the JCC at the district level to hold these reviews which will involve JLOS institutional representatives at the district/regional levels, CSOs, Private Sector and members of the Public.

JointLeadership and Steering Committee Meetings

These joint meetings will be carried at least once a year to strengthen the process of policy formulation and discussion and to foster linkages between the two committees. Meetings will be convened by the Chair of the SC.

JLOS- Development Partner Technical Meetings- these joint meetings will be held twice a year (in March and August before the annual review) to enable detailed discussion of the six monthly sector progress reports and preparation for the Review.

Regular Committee Meetings: As indicated above, the various entities in the management structure will conduct their business through meetings, the majority of which are to be convened on a regular basis.

SIP III Focus Areas