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JLOS Technical Committee

Mr. Alfred Elem-Ogwal, the current Chairperson of the JLOS Technical Committee Mr. Alfred Elem-Ogwal, the current Chairperson of the JLOS Technical Committee


The Technical Committee comprises technical personnel from the JLOS institutions at Director-level or heads of departments. There is one representative from each of the JLOS institutions, with one alternate designated by each institution. (Only one member from each institution shall attend at a time). Other representatives include:

  • The Senior Technical Advisor;
  • Technical Advisors from the sector Secretariat;
  • Chairperson and co-chairperson JLOS Development Partners group
  • JLOS Desk officers at MoFPED and MoPS; and OPM

The Technical Committee drives the SDP implementation and shall decompose the Leadership Committee vision and the Steering committee direction into immediate, medium and long term strategic objectives. The Committee also plays an oversight role and coordinate strategy. The Technical Committee is responsible for the planning, technical direction and guidance; support and management of the program. The Technical Committee facilitates, supervises and supports the JLOS Secretariat in implementation of the JLOS SDP. It is important to note that the following will have one person each as a member of technical committee in their own right-Law council; National Community Service Programme; Amnesty Commission; NGO Board; Directorate of Government Analytical Laboratory and Criminal Investigations Directorate of UPF.

The functions of the committee are the following:

  • Drive the JLOS SSP Strategy targets
  • Monitor sector performance and delivery of results
  • Provide strategic direction to the implementation of JLOS SDP to ensure performance meets the standards by law and by the Leadership Committee
  • Links the Program within the institutions; to the JLOS Steering and Leadership structures and to the Working groups and sub national implementation structures
  • Troubleshoot, report to and advise the SC on SDP implementation;
  • Providing the primary link between individual institutions and the sector as a whole.

Like the Steering Committee, the chair of the Technical Committee and an alternate chair, will be rotated annually, rotating amongst JLOS sector institutions. One of the Technical Advisors from the Sector Secretariat will be designated as Secretary. Meetings of the Technical Committee will be bi- monthly focused on impact rather than procedural matters only. There will be collective responsibility for decisions taken at these meetings. The Technical Committee will have the powers to invite the working groups and members of Task Forces to its meetings. For purposes of planning the working groups should make proposals on priorities. Priorities shall be initiated by the Technical Committee and approved by the Steering Committee and then handled by the Budget Working Group and institutions to inform the development of work plans.

Currently, Mr. Elem Ogwal (Directorate of Public Prosecutions) is the Chairperson of the JLOS Technical Committee.


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