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Sentencing Guidelines Signed into Law

The sentencing guidelines for the Judiciary have been signed into law The sentencing guidelines for the Judiciary have been signed into law



KAMPALA -- The Chief Justice signed into law Sentencing Guidelines on Friday April 26, 2013. Sentencing in Uganda has previously been described as erratic, unscientific and uncertain with no shortage of complaints of why sentences are too soft, harsh or why the poor receive disproportionately higher sentences than the rich. Individual judicial officers have often described sentencing as one of the most difficult aspects of adjudication because of limited guidance on arriving at appropriate sentences.


The Sentencing Guidelines are therefore intended to enhance consistency and uniformity in the sentencing, which had hitherto been left to judicial discretion. The Justice, Law and Order Sector through a taskforce chaired by the Principal Judge, Justice Yorokamu Bamwine spearheaded the development of the sentencing guidelines with support from DANIDA.



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