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Background of the NAP
Following the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Uganda’s human rights situation by the United Nations Human Rights Council which was conducted in 2011 in Geneva, Uganda Government made a voluntary pledge to the UN Council to develop a Human Rights National Action Plan (NAP) to provide a framework for coordinating the implementation of human rights commitments in the country.

What is NAP?
The National Action Plan on Human Rights (NAP) is a key policy document which embodies the government’s commitments to the protection and promotion of human rights, outlining clear goals and describing strategies to be used in achieving the set targets and defining clearly stipulated time-bound indicators.  In Uganda, it is expected that the NAP will be integrated into the National Development Plan II.

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The National Action Plan for Human Rights (NAP) is an integrated and systematic national strategy to help realize the advancement of human rights in any country. The Government of Uganda is developing a National Action Plan that will set out the ways in which the Government fulfils its responsibility to protect and promote human rights in Uganda. It will spell out the specific objectives and priorities in this regard, and the role of other bodies and individuals in ensuring respect for human rights. The NAP is also a key milestone in the realization of the JLOS SIP III undertakings and once implemented, the NAP will make substantial contributions towards the realization of the rule of law in Uganda.

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