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KAMPALA - The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Hon. Maj. Gen. (Rtd) Kahinda Otafiire this afternoon met with a visiting delegation from Estonia led by the Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Hon. Väino Reinart. The Estonian delegation is in the country on a two-day official visit to engage with the Government of Uganda on aspects cooperation and partnership between Uganda and Estonia in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector.

The Honorable Minister welcomed Hon. Reinart to Uganda and underscored the need for increased partnership between Uganda and Estonia not only in the domain of ICT but in other economically viable fields of agriculture, transport, power generation and tourism. He further requested the Estonian delegation to explore Public Private Partnerships (PPP) as a viable model for implementation of projects in Uganda.

The Ag. Solicitor General, Ms. Harriet Lwabi in her remarks underscored the need for technology driven processes in the Ministry. She said this would relate to areas of case management, electronic records management, information sharing and collaboration. Ms. Lwabi also emphasised the need for integration of information systems among all players in the Justice, Law and Order Sector (JLOS) as a mechanism for improving effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery. 

Hon. Reinart thanked the minister for the warm welcome and said Estonia is eager to create long lasting partnerships with Uganda that will facilitate knowledge transfer and human capacity development in the implementation of E-Government programs. He invited the minister to visit Estonia later this year to see first-hand how technology has revolutionised the Estonian economy, contributed to improved access to services in the justice sector and facilitated citizen empowerment. 

Present at this meeting from the Ministry of Justice was the Director of Legal Advisory services, Mr. Christopher Gashirabake; the Director First Parliamentary Counsel, Ms. Harriet Lwabi (and Ag. Solicitor General); representatives from the Directorate of civil Litigation, the Law Council and the JLOS Secretariat.

Hon. Reinart was accompanied by officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and business representatives from leading ICT players in Estonia’s private sector such as Net Group, Nortal and Aktors. During this visit, the Estonian delegation will also pay a courtesy call on the Deputy Chief Justice, Hon. Justice Alphonse Owiny-Dollo.




By Edgar Kuhimbisa | Published: May 10, 2018

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GENEVA - Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Hon. Maj. Gen. (RTD). Kahinda Otafiire, has told the 2017 General Assembly of the World Intellectual Property Organization that protection of Traditional Knowledge and the country’s genetic resources, from misappropriation, is a key ingredient of Uganda’s  National Intellectual Property strategy for promoting creativity and innovation amongst its indigenous peoples and local communities to promote access to alternative health care, food security, preservation of biodiversity and sustainable development.” Hon Otafiire who is leading Uganda’s delegation to the Assemblies, emphasized the contribution of Traditional knowledge systems to the social and economic development of Uganda.

Member States of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and its decision-making bodies are meeting this week, in Geneva Switzerland, from 02 – 11 October 2017, with the hope of reaching a decision to convene a high-level meeting (diplomatic conference) to conclude a potential international instrument(s) or Treaty, in 2019 aimed at preventing the misappropriation of genetic resources, traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions. African countries are primary beneficiaries of this treaty. This is because the modern intellectual property system does not, neither adequately protect traditional knowledge systems nor local inventions based on genetic resources/traditional cultural artifacts/materials.

In his statement, Hon Otafiire told the Assembly that a potential treaty to protect genetic resources, traditional knowledge and folklore, at the international level is a priority issue for Uganda in the WIPO. Traditional knowledge systems in Uganda have long been used to ensure access to alternative medicines (e.g. herbalists), promote sustainable agricultural production and conserve the environment. He concluded by urging Member States to negotiate in a transparent and cooperative manner and with good faith to ensure that a diplomatic conference to negotiate a treaty to prevent misappropriation of Genetic resources in 2019.

The WIPO has been a key development partner for Uganda in the field of intellectual property undertaking technical assistance activities to encourage innovation and protection of intellectual property including; technical support to Uganda in upgrading and maintenance of the Intellectual Property Automated System (IPAS); training and capacity building for human resources; support in the form a regional workshop on intellectual property and Traditional Knowledge for economic development.

WIPO member states have a daunting task to negotiate the renewal of the mandate of the Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore (IGC), which expired in June 2017. The IGC has always held a renewable two-year mandate since it commenced text based negotiations in 2009.  It will be particularly important for African countries, as key demanders for protection of genetic resources and traditional knowledge to ensure that the General Assembly agrees to convene a diplomatic conference to conclude a treaty in 2019. 

The WIPO General Assembly will also decide, among other things: approving the program and budget of the organization for the 2018/2019 biennium; on furthering discussions for potential treaties to protect broadcasting organizations (the Broadcast Treaty), and; simplifying the international applications for industrial designs - the Design Law Treaty (DLT).

In other discussions, the WIPO General Assembly will discuss reports from various committees. At the WIPO General Assembly each committee reports on its activities over the past year. Of particular importance to Uganda and other developing countries is the Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP) as well as the Committee on the law of Patents. The committee is responsible for implementation of the 2007 WIPO Development Agenda by ensuring that development aspects are streamlined in all WIPO’s work including the Programme and budget. The last session of the Committee tasked the organization to ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals are fully streamlined in WIPO’s activities. 

In a related development, On Monday 02 October 2017, several officers were elected to various offices. Uganda’s Mr. Bemanya Twebaze, the Registrar General of Uganda Registration Service Bureau, was elected the President of the Paris Union Assembly, and Ambassador Christopher Onyanga Aparr, Permanent Representative  of Uganda to the United Nations Office in Geneva, has been serving as the Second Vice Chairman of the Coordination Committee. 


Source: Uganda Mission to the United Nations, Geneva | Published: October 5 2017


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Wednesday, 06 September 2017 11:08

Judiciary Suspends Industrial Action


The Judicial officers, who have been on strike since August 25, 2017 have resolved to return to work tomorrow (September 7, 2017).

But the judicial officers under their umbrella the Uganda Judicial Officers Association (UJOA) have set a deadline of December 11, 2017 for government to meet all their demands, lest they resume industrial action.

Judicial officers who include Judges at all levels of the High Court to the Supreme Court, Registrars and Magistrates reached a consensus on September 5, 2017 to call of the strike after the Government promised to fulfill their demands by October, 2017.

In a unanimous resolution, the Judicial Officers who congregated under UJOA decided to resume work as they continue engaging the Government in their discussion on their salaries and welfare.



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As you are aware, Judicial Officers went into industrial action seeking for salary enhancement and improvement of their working conditions.

Many other groups have also been agitating for salary enhancements.

Government Interventions

Since the Judicial Officers laid down their tools, high-level consultations have been carried out between the Executive, the Judiciary and the Judicial Service Commission to address concerns of the Judicial Officers and other groups.

Relatedly, Cabinet directed the Ministry of public service to develop a comprehensive pay policy to harmonize pay across Government. This exercise is expected to be concluded by October 2017.

This will address the issue of pay disparities in Government and salary enhancement based on four principles of equity, adequacy, affordability and sustainability.

In the short-term, Government has committed to address the Judicial Officers’ working conditions by providing:

  1. a) Transport;
  2. b) Security; and
  3. c) Office equipment.

In the medium term, Government will focus on provision of housing for Judicial Officers and review their emoluments in tandem with other public servants.

The Government is also fast tracking the enactment of the Administration of the Judiciary Bill, 2016 to enhance the administration of the Judiciary as another arm of Government.

Government Appeal

The Government appeals to all Judicial Officers to return to work as Government addresses their concerns and for other public officers.

The Government further appeals to other public officers who are demanding for salary enhancement to be patient as the Government fast tracks the harmonization of pay across Government.





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My Lord, The Chief Justice

Honourable Ministers present

My Lord the Resident Judge

Members of the JLOS Leadership Committee

Members of the JLOS Steering Committee

Registrar General, Uganda Registration Services Bureau

Resident District Commissioner

Chairman L.C. V

Your Worships Registrars and Magistrates present

Members of the Mitooma District Chain-linked Committee

Ladies and Gentlemen


It is my honour and pleasure to welcome you to this important event as we prepare for the construction of a home for the Justice Law and Order Sector in Mitooma. This is an important event for us because it marks another milestone in our journey to extend the JLOS services to all parts of this country.

These Justice Centres are a demonstration of the commitment of the Government to ensuring Justice for all and to providing quality services that are accessible to those who require them the most. This commitment will be further strengthened through the deployment and tooling of adequate staff to man these offices and through strengthened observance of standards in customer care and service delivery. 

The Sector is working towards strengthening customer care and delivering of results. This is will be through the development and delivery of demand driven programmes that address key challenges and needs of the community. We will also continue with the development of Client Charters that state our pledge to the public and through performance management mechanisms aimed at ensuring consistent delivery of quality services. 

We urge the public therefore to make good use of these premises and the services that are offered and be vigilant in guarding your rights to access to quality and timely justice. Above all we call on you to support us in our efforts to fight all forms of corruption by not engaging in or encouraging our staff to engage in malpractices and further by reporting any cases. Promoting the Rule of Law and ensuring the maintenance of law and order is a shared responsibility and, while we commit to providing better access and quality of justice services, we call on you to participate in these justice processes at all levels and support us in achieving greater access to justice.

As a sector we are working towards the de-concentration of additional services such as advisory services, registration service and immigration services.  We are further working towards the development of structures for the provision of legal aid services. These are intended to provide service points for the provision of legal advice and representation to those who cannot afford legal representation. We believe that this system would go a great way in addressing the challenges and bottlenecks that the most vulnerable members of society face in fulfilling their rights and creating an environment for economic development. 

These processes are further supported by national justice programmes such as Community Service Programme, plea bargaining and small claims procedure which are part of the larger initiative to address case backlog, community policing and legal aid programmes. These programmes will be strengthened throughout the Country and particularly here in Mitooma through the presence of this new Justice Centre. 

I call on you all to make full use of the services offered. Take a keen interest in the work of the institutions present and do not fear to demand for services or to engage with our offices either directly or through the District Chain-linked committees. It is through this healthy engagement that we can learn how best to serve you and meet your needs. We thank you, the people of Mitooma, for providing us with the land to build this centre and we in turn commit to constructing infrastructure that is to the best standard possible. 

Allow me, to take this opportunity to thank our development partners, whose commitment and support to the Sector has ensured that we are able to continue with this drive to bring services nearer to the people. We give them and the people of Uganda the assurance that the funds provided to the Sector will make a valuable contribution to access to justice in Mitooma and in Uganda as a whole.

To the staff of the Justice Law and Order Sector here in Mitooma and other members of District Chain Linked Committee, thank you for the hard work that you have put in to preparing this function.  I ask that your efforts be continued once the centre is complete and that we put the centre to good use for the benefit of the community that we are here to serve.

I thank you all for your attention. 

It is now my honour privilege to invite the Honourable the Chief Justice to address you.


Hon Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafiire (Rtd.)


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The Honourable Chief Justice of Uganda

The Honourable Deputy Chief Justice of Uganda

The Honourable Principal Judge

My Lords, Justices and Judges of the Courts of Judicature

Your Excellency, the Head of delegation of the European Union and Chairperson of the JLOS Development Partners Group

Your Excellences, Heads of Diplomatic Missions to Uganda

Honourable Members of Parliament

Heads of JLOS Institutions

Members of the JLOS Steering and Technical Committees

Members of the JLOS Coordination Committees

Distinguished invited guests in your respective capacities

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I welcome you all to the 21st Joint Annual Review of the JLOS Sector for the financial year 2015/16. 


This review focuses on the fourth year of implementation of the third JLOS Strategic Investment Plan (JLOS SIP III) which is also the 16th year of the JLOS Sector Wide Approach arrangement. The theme of this year’s annual review is “A pro people justice system: Building public trust”. This ties in well with the Sector undertaking under SIP III, to address the issue of vulnerability to enhance access to justice for the marginalized and eliminate all forms of bottlenecks in accessing JLOS services. 

The JLOS Sector has grown over the years from nascent formation phases in 1999, harnessed synergies under the sector wide approach to now one of the most effective and integrated sector arrangements. As many of you may recall, we started with the SIP I phase from 2000 to 2004 with a focus on structural developments and formation, SIP II that covered 2005 to 2010 focused on consolidation of gains and achievements under SIP II. When we developed and commenced the SIP III, our strategic focus was to have a strategic policy shift to focus on deepening reforms and entrench pro poor people centered justice. To-date, the Sector-Wide Approach (SWAp) has grown to 18 institutions across civil and criminal justice spheres. 

The JLOS Sector report will be presented at both the outcome and output levels in line with the JLOS SIP III indicators and performance bench marks. The report portrays the achievements of the Sector from implementation of programs and interventions by the 18 Justice institutions.

The Sector has registered improved coordination right from the District level where District Chain linked Committees are operational, enhanced the quality of justice services delivered to the public, and increased geographical coverage as a result of opening up of new service delivery points. You will for instance observe from the presentations that will be made today, that the sector’s coverage of districts increased by 7% from 75% in the previous year, to now 82%. In practical terms, the Police has expanded its presence to all sub-counties in the country, the High Court Circuit has been expanded to 19 circuits, and Chief Magisterial areas increased over two fold to 81.

I recognize and extend gratitude to the JLOS Development Partners that have stood by us and provided both technical and financial support towards the implementation of many of the Sector’s programs and interventions. In addition, I also recognize the crucial role played by various Non-Governmental Organizations such as the Legal Aid Service Providers’ Network, in complementing the Sector’s interventions. As partners in development, we believe that our success is a shared success and this underpins the purpose of our convergence today.

I take this opportunity to thank all JLOS institutions for the effort made over the past financial year. Special mention goes to the JLOS Secretariat and the Sector Policy Planning Units. Substantial achievements have been registered despite the number of challenges and limitations encountered.

I once again thank you for setting time off your busy schedules to be part of this year’s annual review. I look forward to a constructive dialogue with a view of achieving our common goal of ensuring justice for all.

I invite the Honourable Chief Justice to give his address.


Hon. Kahinda Otafiire





Annual Review Document Centre (Speeches and Presentations)

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JINJA - The Chief Justice, Hon. Justice Bart Katurebe has urged institutions involved in the administration of justice and the rule of law to devise stronger partnerships as a way of ensuring effective and well-coordinated service delivery. The CJ made these remarks while addressing members of the Jinja District Chain-link committee (DCC) and other JLOS officials that converged at Bugungu prison, Jinja district on June 10, 2015. District chain-link committees comprise of JLOS institutions with a presence at district level established to oversee and coordinate JLOS programs and activities through coordination, communication and cooperation.

Hon. Bart Katurebe was on a one-day tour of Jinja districts organized by the Justice, Law and Order Sector – the first of its kind since his appointment as chief justice in March 2015. The Chief Justice was accompanied by the Hon. Kahinda Otafiire, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs; Hon. Alex Onzima, the minister of state for local government; Hon. Yorokamu Bamwiine, the Principal judge; members of the JLOS development partners group led by the Irish ambassador, H.E Donal Cronin; and other members of the JLOS leadership, steering and technical committee.

During the meeting with DCCs, reports from various JLOS institutions were presented on the current state of operations – from the Police, Prisons service, Uganda Law society, Directorate of Public Prosecutions, the Judiciary, Justice Centres Uganda, Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development (Juvenile Justice) and the Uganda Human Rights Commission. The Chief Justice appreciated the work each institution is doing in enhancing access to justice to the people of Jinja and commended their efforts even in the midst of challenges such as inadequate staffing, office accommodation and other infrastructure. The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Hon. Kahinda Otafiire said that the Justice, Law and Order Sector is in the final stages of designing a project that will ensure every district has a “justice centre” – a one stop facility housing front line JLOS institutions to solve office accommodation and space challenges.

The commissioner general of prisons, Dr. Johnson Byabashaija in his remarks thanked the the JLOS leadership for to visiting Bugungu Prison facility. He specifically thanked the Chief Justice for choosing to visit a prison institution on his first JLOS field visit since his appointment earlier this year. Dr. Byabashaija requested that Uganda Prisons be included in the Justice Centres project because of the key role it plays in the overall criminal justice chain and in view of the accommodation challenges it faces due to large prisoner populations.

Earlier, the Chief Justice was taken on a guided tour of Bugungu group of prisons, accompanied by prison officials for an onsite assessment of prisoner living conditions.


By Edgar Kuhimbisa in Jinja / Published: June 13, 2015

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Friday, 12 June 2015 07:13

We are ready to work – Chief Justice


JINJA – The Justice, Law and Order Sector continues to be dedicated to ensuring effective and efficient administration of justice and the rule of law. The Chief Justice, Hon. Justice Bart Katurebe made this declaration while addressing residents of Jinja during a visit to the district organized by the Justice, Law and Order Sector on June 10 2015. Justice Katurebe who is also the chairperson of the JLOS Leadership committee was publicly meeting Jinja residents gathered at Jinja High Court to assess the state of service delivery by JLOS institutions in the district. In what can be described as a baraza moderated by the Solicitor General  - Mr. Francis Atoke, members of the public were allowed to ask questions and put forward their concerns, complaints and grievances with sector officials providing responses. Those who were not able to voice their concerns had their issues documented by JLOS officials for further action by the relevant institutions.

In his speech, the Chief Justice said that he and his team from the Judiciary and other JLOS institutions are set to making the sector open and accountable to the people. He said that his office had established toll free numbers the public could use to directly voice any complaints and report cases of abuse of office by Judicial officers. The office of the Chief Justice directly manages the toll free lines.

The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Hon. Kahinda Otafiire told the gathering that government is aware of the various challenges they face on a daily basis and continues to devise solutions based to the available resources. He said that given the long list of priorities and a limited resource envelope, some interventions may delay with the most pressing issues being addressed first such as security of people’s lives and property. He reiterated the Sector’s commitment to construction of more office facilities for JLOS institutions through the Justice Centres initiative.

H.E Donal Cronin, the Irish ambassador to Uganda and the current chair of the JLOS Development Partners Group (DPG) applauded the efforts of JLOS in bringing services closer to the people – especially the vulnerable and marginalized. He also congratulated the Justice Katurebe upon his recent appointment to the position of Chief Justice and said the development partners are looking forward to a more fruitful partnership with the sector. The Chief Justice on his part thanked the JLOS development partners for their continued support to the sector and for “sticking around even when the going got tough” – in reference to massive donor cuts to government last year in the wake of the passing of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

The Chief Registrar Mr. Paul Gadenya and officials from the JLOS Secretariat and Jinja High Court were later hosted on local radio talk show where they continued to engage the public on issues affecting the administration of justice and the rule of law in Jinja district.


By Edgar Kuhimbisa in Jinja / Published: June 12, 2015

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The Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional and other state agencies in May and June 2015 successfully negotiated and facilitated the transfer of Ugandan prisoners serving sentences in the Republic of Mauritius. The prisoners were transferred to Uganda to serve the remaining part of their sentences in accordance with the bilateral agreement between GoU and the Mauritius government on transfer of convicted offenders.

According to Mr. Farouq Lubega, a Senior State Attorney in the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs privy to this extradition process, the transfer of these prisoners was triggered by a petition from their relatives to Hon. Kahinda Otafiire, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs. The prisoners in question are Miriam Mpopoya (sentenced to 25 years in 2008 on charges of importation of heroin and assault of a public functionary); Mr. Fred Asiimwe Kato (sentenced to penal servitude for life in 1998); Mr. James Mukasa Kanamwanje (sentenced to 25 years in 1998 for importation of heroin); Mr. Francis Igudo Tukei (sentenced for 19 years in 2008 for importation of heroin); and Ms. Ann Willus Kayiwa (sentenced for 25 years in 2008 for importation of heroin with averment of trafficking).

The Transfer of Convicted Offenders Act (2012) provided the legal basis for this transfer. This act assented to by the president on July 27 2012 makes provision for the mutual transfer of convicted offenders between Uganda and other Commonwealth countries for the purpose of serving their sentences of imprisonment. The act also provides for the conditions, treatment and other arrangements in respect of persons liable to be transferred.

A team of government of Uganda officials that included Mr. Farouq Lubega (Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affiars); Ms. Doreen Kazoora Asiimwe (Foreign Affairs); Mr. Edyadu Fauscents and Mr. Abio Rock Evans (Prisons Service) travelled to Mauritius in April 2015 to facilitate this transfer. The first group of transfered prisoners arrived in Uganda via Entebbe International Airport on May 2 2015 and was taken to Luzira Prison to serve the remaining part of their sentences. The second group of  (two) prisoners is expected to be transferred by the end of June 2015.


By Edgar Kuhimbisa \  Published: June 9, 2015.

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It was with great sadness that I learnt of the tragic death of Ms. Joan Kagezi on the evening of March 30th, 2015. Just like the rest of us here, it was absolutely shocking but also very painful news to receive - for me personally, but also for the entire Justice, Law and Order Sector family and the country.

In difficult times like these, words and speeches are often not enough to express our deepest and innermost feelings.
The immense grief that Joan’s untimely death has brought upon us is indescribable. May the good Lord give us strength and courage and may he grant Joan’s family, especially her beloved children here with us, perfect peace in the face of this tragedy.

Joan was a very smart lady, articulate and purpose-driven. She had the exceptional ability to analyze and understand the bigger picture. Perhaps, that explains her numerous court case engagements and successes, spanning various criminal cases, many of them rated high profile.

I should also add that Joan had a meek but strong personality, with a high level of self-determination to deliver results. Her achievements and milestones in her short time here on earth are testament to this.

I have followed this tragic event closely and you can all bear witness that the public outpouring of grief over the last three days is phenomenal and rather unprecedented in recent times. The Justice, Law and Order Sector has lost a dedicated and gifted civil servant. Uganda has lost a patriot, who sacrificed alot to serve this nation faithfully and diligently.

But most importantly, her family has lost a committed mother. To many of us, Joan was the uncompromising and no-nonsense prosecutor but to her family, she was a dedicated parent who upheld family above everything else. Her four beautiful children meant everything to her, but sadly they now have to live with the dark memory of their mother shot dead before their very own eyes.

The Justice, Law and Order Sector upholds the values of the rule of law, with justice for all as our cornerstone. I would therefore, like to assure Ugandans and the family of the deceased, that the Sector, through the Police, the Judiciary and other state institutions and structures, shall bring to justice the perpetrators of this criminal act, no matter where they are or how long it takes.

Philip, Carol, Pearl and Harvey, our hearts go out you. No amount of words in this trying moment can comfort you for sure, but we pledge to pray for you. We pray that God’s peace that transcends all human understanding will be with you. May the Lord hold your hand and safely lead you through this valley of the shadow of death. May he calm the storms and the raging seas of pain and grief that you feel entangled in. We pledge to support you in any way we possibly can – materially, spiritually and emotionally. Be rest assured, that in the Justice, Law and Order Sector, you will always find a place to call home and a shoulder to lean on.

Joan, today we celebrate your amazing legacy of a life well lived and a fight well fought. May the Lord grant you everlasting peace.

Thank you and God bless you.


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